Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick note...

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I wanted to say hi quickly and ask for you to go to KARLAS001 on YouTube and watch her GIVEAWAY video by clicking on the link below...she is doing a major giveaway for reaching 1500 subbies! She is actually past it now, she was 10 away when she posted the video. If you aren't already a subbie go and sub to her, she is a very good friend of mine! We do "guest" appearances on each others

Reminder that I'll be doing the blog drawing for two winners on Wednesday (tomorrow)! So the silly person that I am and can't count I am actually 28 away from reaching 500 on YT. Because of the dork I am, I may do that drawing sooner!

Today I went shopping with Karla for our secret sisters and we picked up some goodies and found our boxes for the wish box we are to make! Can't wait to get started this weekend. I hope to find some inspiration from the two Prima classes with Ingvild Blome at Remember When (see below link for the classes I'll be in).

Carmageddon starts in Los Angeles on Friday when one of the major freeways out of West Los Angeles is closed down for 52 hours! 405 North & South for 10 miles from the 10 to 101! That is HUGE, it is my direct line from Valencia to home! I'll stay out in Valencia at my cousins on Friday night but will have to figure out the best route home! If any of you have been to Los Angeles or live here or near you know how bad traffic is and how huge this is! Wish me luck and that I get home before Monday! :)

Here are the links as promised above!
Remember When

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