Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm a dork...

So sometimes, well maybe ALOT of times I'm a dork! I so thought I was close to 500 subbies on my YT channel when I posted the video, I wrote here that I was 20 away but in actuality I was a lot more away because I'm at 460. So 40 and counting...sheesh, I need to take math again and learn how to count LOL!

Today I headed out to the Prima Warehouse sale in Chino, CA! I got a TON of flowers for myself, Karla, a couple of scrappy friends Jenny & Stef and for my secret sister swap. I'll do a haul video on Sunday when I'm home! It was blazing HOT! We got there at 12pm PST, I spent about an hour going up & down the aisles. The highest price was $5 and the lowest was .50 cents. I got flowers from $2 - .50 cents. Got a little sun burn on my shoulders. Then we headed over to Remember When for some cropping! I got my butterfly tag created for the current Artsy Addicts swap done! In a few hours we are heading back to RW for their monthly themed crop. This month we are going to a scrappin' summer camp for the day! RW is always fun! I hope to finish up the tags and start on the flower swap I am in.

I best be getting to bed so that I can be at RW at 8am when the crop starts and I'll be cropping to midnight! I'll leave you with a pictures from my day! I hope everyone has a great Saturday! <3TVG

Bag of yummy Prima flowers. They were handing big white bags, the size of a kitchen bag. I filled 1 and a half bags full of Prima goodness!

Me not so happy, sweaty and hot in line for about 45 mins. It was 90 degrees but felt like over 100 because of the black asphalt. The sun was directly top of us and the humidity was terrible! BUT so worth the deals I got!

The went straight towards the building, wrapped around and at the left of the pic you can see a little bit of the canopy that Prima peeps were ringing people up.

This is MJ a Prima rep, I believe he is RW's rep. Very cool dude! He rung me up.

Me at RW slightly happier because I was not in the sun...was waiting for my food to come, I was soooo hungry! Look at my shoulder that was from standing in line. The sun was soooo harsh!

My finished butterfly tag. I think I'll do a tutorial on how to do the background of the tag. I used perfect medium on my stamp, clear embossing powder, heated it then ran a distress ink over it.

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