Saturday, July 2, 2011

Artsy Addicts Tea Party Swap, Group 3

I stepped in and was an angel swapper for the Artsy Addicts Tea Party Swap. I'm happy I was able to do so because I really love what I created! Check out the video of how I came about the design, here.

Below are stills of the tags my group created, you can watch the video I posted on YT here.
My tag

Cynthia - MsCindyLady

Fanny -

Miriam - miriamsatchell

Sherry -

Liz - scrapiliciouslife


LUV2SCRAP said... posted my tag, was not happy at all with it but the pic makes it look good...LOL

TanyaVG said...

Cynthia - you are nuts! Your tag is pretty! :)

Snickerdoodlin' Journal said...

gorgeous, gorgeous tags... now go use them in a super fabulous project... hehe

take care...

Anna Villano said...

These tags are gorgeous and I just got my package today so I cannot wait to post my ATC's and Tea Party tags for all to see as well. Thanks Tanya for sharing.

Flora Garcia-Alvarez said...

Absolutley beautiful.... Thank you for sharing Tanya :)