Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching up...

Hey Everyone - I hope everyone had a great week! My week was good, had a four day week, hung out with Karla, did some scrapping at RW, got my highlights touched up, went to RW's CHA reveal and pre-ordered Tim Holtz dies and stamps OMG, I can't wait for them! Did a few videos which I'll list below, check them out if you haven't already. Got four weeks of laundry done!

Anyhow, wanted to check in and say hi and give you the "What's Up" in my life! Check out the below videos if you haven't already and the two pictures on things I recently created. Until next time...have a wonderful week and happy scrapping!

Here is a list of new videos, I'll be posting another today which is a tutorial and there is another episode of Karla and I coming this week.
Artsy Addicts Butterfly Tag Tutorial
And the winnerS of the 500 subbie giveaway is...
KARLAS001 Design Team
The Adventures of KARLAS001 & EVILSCRAPPER...
Tag Your It (SSSS video response)

Here are a couple of pictures of things I created last night for the secret sister swap I'm in. The picture with the tag is over something I created for her but can't unveil it just now because it will give away who she is because it is the first letter of her name.
Tag and below it is the initial of my secret sister which I can't unveil yet. I colored all the flowers seen.

Three mini canvases. I'll do a video on how I got the stamped image the it looks on the 1st & 3rd one. It was by accident but very cool!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

YouTube 500 Subbies Giveaway...And the winnerS are...

I picked the winners for my YT giveaway, check out who won by clicking here! Congrats to the winners!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

So much to do with so little time...

Hi Everyone! I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying their Sunday evening! Another work week starts and I think to myself where does the time go?!?!? I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted done this past weekend, even with Friday off!

So here is what I've been up to...

Picked winners for the blog, congrats again to Jeanette (YT: mommunson) and Crafty Jo (YT: malvernminiatures). Jeanette is a lucky one when it comes to my giveaways, I believe this is her second time winning with me! Click here for the Blog Winners Trailer and here for the Blog Winners, the Movie.

I did some shopping at Aaron Brothers, Joanns and Michaels last week for a secret sister with Karla. We found perfect boxes for our secret sisters. They are Paris themed which is perfect because that is the theme of the wish box we are to make! Now I just need to get working on it, I think I have the paper I am going to use and some ideas in my head of how I want to decorate the box.

I posted my first tutorial on the butterfly tag I created for Artsy Addicts swap this month, check it out here.

Saturday I took two Prima classes taught by Ingvild Bolme, she flew from Norway to teach the two classes and went straight to CHA in Chicago.  She has some new tools premiering at CHA and we got to use them in the class. Below will be some pictures of the classes, I am going to work on finishing my projects and then post a video of them. Ingvild was super sweet. I posted a picture of her and I to the left.

I still need to post a tutorial on the deco podge flower I created AND I AM OVER 500 SUBBIES ON YT! YAY! Winners will be picked tonight!

Ok, best be going so that I can get some scrappy stuff done tonight! I hope to post some more this week but incase time gets away from me as it did this weekend I hope everyone has a great week.

1st class - layout
2nd class - standing photo frame
2nd class - inside of the standing photo frame
2nd class - journal

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Technical difficulties...

Time Warner/Road Runner decided to crap out on me as my video of the winners announced was uploading! Posting from my iPhone on 3G. I am hoping the Internet will work in the morning! I need to go to bed now...

I announced winners earlier on the post below! I also posted a teaser on youtube! Congrats again to Jeanette & Crafty Jo!

Nighty Nite!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And the winner is...


Congratulations to

Jeannette &

Crafty Jo

Thank you ladies for following my blog! I hope I at least make you laugh if not inspire :)

YT Video will be posted should watch, crazyTanya/KarlaNess going on! :)


I'm about to pick a winner...

Sorry for the delay...the winners video is going to be recorded now and probably up within the next couple of hours!


Blog Giveaway...

Hey Everyone - I'll close the giveaway at 6pm PST...I'll post here and on YT the winners! Good luck!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Quick note...

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I wanted to say hi quickly and ask for you to go to KARLAS001 on YouTube and watch her GIVEAWAY video by clicking on the link below...she is doing a major giveaway for reaching 1500 subbies! She is actually past it now, she was 10 away when she posted the video. If you aren't already a subbie go and sub to her, she is a very good friend of mine! We do "guest" appearances on each others

Reminder that I'll be doing the blog drawing for two winners on Wednesday (tomorrow)! So the silly person that I am and can't count I am actually 28 away from reaching 500 on YT. Because of the dork I am, I may do that drawing sooner!

Today I went shopping with Karla for our secret sisters and we picked up some goodies and found our boxes for the wish box we are to make! Can't wait to get started this weekend. I hope to find some inspiration from the two Prima classes with Ingvild Blome at Remember When (see below link for the classes I'll be in).

Carmageddon starts in Los Angeles on Friday when one of the major freeways out of West Los Angeles is closed down for 52 hours! 405 North & South for 10 miles from the 10 to 101! That is HUGE, it is my direct line from Valencia to home! I'll stay out in Valencia at my cousins on Friday night but will have to figure out the best route home! If any of you have been to Los Angeles or live here or near you know how bad traffic is and how huge this is! Wish me luck and that I get home before Monday! :)

Here are the links as promised above!
Remember When

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, a day of rest...

Well I'm hoping I'm going to get some rest today! I have several errands I have to run since I played at Remember When the last two days. But it is all so worth hanging out with all the creative ladies that crop there. There is so much inspiration and creativity going on at that store.

So, I've been hearing that people are having problems with their YT subscriptions...that they are having to re-sub to some of their favs. This got me thinking...I know I shouldn't do this often but I thought I was going crazy and didn't know how to count when I looked back on my giveaway videos. Liz of scrapiliciouslife told me I had said I had 40 subbies to go but yet on Friday I had 40 subbies to go and I KNOW I got at least 15 more subbies since I posted my video! Karlas001, who is one of my BFs said she had to re-sub to me. is what I'm going to do because I want to give away the prizes! I am going to do the blog and YT giveaways all on Wed! YAY!

I have a ton of videos to do and post of my butterfly tag, flower swap, Prima haul, RW haul and a few other things. I gotta get my butt out of bed, dressed and the day started!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm a dork...

So sometimes, well maybe ALOT of times I'm a dork! I so thought I was close to 500 subbies on my YT channel when I posted the video, I wrote here that I was 20 away but in actuality I was a lot more away because I'm at 460. So 40 and counting...sheesh, I need to take math again and learn how to count LOL!

Today I headed out to the Prima Warehouse sale in Chino, CA! I got a TON of flowers for myself, Karla, a couple of scrappy friends Jenny & Stef and for my secret sister swap. I'll do a haul video on Sunday when I'm home! It was blazing HOT! We got there at 12pm PST, I spent about an hour going up & down the aisles. The highest price was $5 and the lowest was .50 cents. I got flowers from $2 - .50 cents. Got a little sun burn on my shoulders. Then we headed over to Remember When for some cropping! I got my butterfly tag created for the current Artsy Addicts swap done! In a few hours we are heading back to RW for their monthly themed crop. This month we are going to a scrappin' summer camp for the day! RW is always fun! I hope to finish up the tags and start on the flower swap I am in.

I best be getting to bed so that I can be at RW at 8am when the crop starts and I'll be cropping to midnight! I'll leave you with a pictures from my day! I hope everyone has a great Saturday! <3TVG

Bag of yummy Prima flowers. They were handing big white bags, the size of a kitchen bag. I filled 1 and a half bags full of Prima goodness!

Me not so happy, sweaty and hot in line for about 45 mins. It was 90 degrees but felt like over 100 because of the black asphalt. The sun was directly top of us and the humidity was terrible! BUT so worth the deals I got!

The went straight towards the building, wrapped around and at the left of the pic you can see a little bit of the canopy that Prima peeps were ringing people up.

This is MJ a Prima rep, I believe he is RW's rep. Very cool dude! He rung me up.

Me at RW slightly happier because I was not in the sun...was waiting for my food to come, I was soooo hungry! Look at my shoulder that was from standing in line. The sun was soooo harsh!

My finished butterfly tag. I think I'll do a tutorial on how to do the background of the tag. I used perfect medium on my stamp, clear embossing powder, heated it then ran a distress ink over it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday Everyone!
I have the day off and will be going to the Prima Warehouse Sale in Chino, is about an hour away from me. I hope to pick up some yummy stuff that I can show! After Prima I'm off to my LSS Remember When. It is the Friday Fever Crop, which is every Friday and the store is open until midnight. I love to crop the Friday before the monthly themed crop which is this Saturday. The theme this month is Summer Day Camp! I'm sure they have lots of fun stuff planned with an awesome lunch and a great swag bag! The crop on Sat is 8am-12am.

What are everyone's plans? Anything exciting, crafty?

As of right now I am 4 subscribers away from 500 on don't be surprise if I post a video of the three winners on Sunday! The blog giveaway will happen on Wednesday.

I hope everyone has an wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Give it away, give it away, give it away now...

Name that tune! Does anyone know what song my title comes from?!?!? :)

I'm having two giveaways with a total of 5 winners! There is a YouTube giveaway for when I reach 500 subscribers, when I did the video I was 20 away and now as I type this blog I think I am 19 away! For the YT giveaway there will be 3 winners. The second giveaway is my first blog giveaway! And in this giveaway there are two winners. Below are pics of the prizes. Watch the Give it Away... video here to find out the rules of both giveaways. Good luck everyone!

YouTube 500th subbie giveaway...if you aren't a subbie go become one here for 3 chances to win a prize.
Prize #1
Prize #2

Prize #3

Blog Giveaway: 2 grab bags full of trim, flowers and butterflies from KARLAS001 etsy store. Visit her store to see all that she has, great deals for SUPER AWESOME stuff. The grab bags are just a taste of what she is carrying!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Mini Album (KARLAS001 EXTRAVAGANZA)

Hi there...How many of you find that you are most productive at night? ME! ME! ME! It isn't good on "school nights" when I have creativeness happening because I can stay up all night working! Anyhow,  I went to bed around 2AM PST while the video was uploading to YT. Five hours later I wake up with the video uploaded but the sound was removed, I guess I used a song that WMG didn't like me using so YT had to mute my sound! So I re-uploaded, which isn't the fastest thing! Grrr...

Anyhow, here is my latest is a mini album for a friend's birthday. Check out the video to see the entire album, a few stills are below. I had so much fun using all the embellishments, trim etc. that I received in my design team package and from what I bought at KARLAS001 etsy store, below is a list of products used and where you can find them. It was also fun using my new mini album Sizzix die cut, of course I used some of my Tim Holtz dies too!

Products used from KARLAS001 etsy store:

Sneak peak of the album, to see all of it click here.

Flower tutorial by scrapstress, click is where I got the below idea.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stars & Stripes Forever Mini Album

Hello - today I finished up a mini album designed by my beautiful & talented cousin Nicole! She is the store manager of my LSS Remember When in Valencia, CA. I take all her classes because she ALWAYS out does her self! I've done videos on my YT channel of all the classes, check them out: Halloween Mini, Christmas Mini (this was one of my first videos), Valentines Mini, Mother's Day Tin & Mini; video 1 & video 2 - there was a fairy album using Graphic 45 Enchanted Garden (I think that is the name of the paper line) but I haven't finished that one yet!

Her June class was a mini using My Minds Eye, American Made line, called Stars & Stripes Forever. If you are interested in the kit as of today she has 3 of 28 kits left, email me for more info.

Below are a few stills, check out my YouTube video for to see all of the mini album. HAPPY 4th OF JULY Everyone! Please be safe and smart if you are drinking.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Artsy Addicts Tea Party Swap, Group 3

I stepped in and was an angel swapper for the Artsy Addicts Tea Party Swap. I'm happy I was able to do so because I really love what I created! Check out the video of how I came about the design, here.

Below are stills of the tags my group created, you can watch the video I posted on YT here.
My tag

Cynthia - MsCindyLady

Fanny -

Miriam - miriamsatchell

Sherry -

Liz - scrapiliciouslife

Friday, July 1, 2011

Artsy Addicts ATC Swap, Group 2

I participated in the Artsy Addicts ATC Swap below are pictures of the ladies in my group. Check out the YT video I posted, here. Click on the below link to view the video of how I came about the design.

ATC Swap requirements: no paper, only paper is the actual ATC and has to have metal.


Stephanie - tatteredrose0610
Melissa M.