Monday, August 1, 2011

Secret Squirrel Sister HAPPY Package

Hi Everyone - this month I am in a secret sister swap, the theme is Paris and you had to make a wish box and a sign for your secret sister. I've been working hard on a lot of little handmade goodies for my sister and shopped for her as well. I will unveil everything once she receives her box because I may give away who she is before she gets everything if I share.

Rina, scrapstress on YT, had me as her secret sister and OMG she is awesome! I love being surrounded by so many talented crafty doesn't matter if I see you at RW every weekend or we chat on FB or comment on each others YT channel or all are an inspiration to me!

Here is a video of me opening the package I received today from Rina with so many goodies...I especially love all the homemade stuff! Wish Box & Goodies from my Secret Squirrel Sister!

Check out the pictures...everything is so beautiful!
Card, click here for a video on how she made the card.
Clothes pin trim holders, click here for her video

Front of sign
Back of sign

Top view of Paris Wish box

Side view of Paris Wish box

Wide view of Paris Wish box
Wish tags to write my wishes and put them in the box

These little guys came in my box, I've named them Scrapstress (aka Rina) on the left, KARLAS001 (aka Karla) in the middle & Evilscrapper (aka ME) on the right

These are all the goodies Rina put in my box! She spoiled me!

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Jo said...

it was fun knowing that Rina was your SS =) enjoy all your goodies. off to watch the video.